Business model

SCALE for open innovation in different areas in which the user-driven innovation is the process of co-creation of new services, products and infrastructure:

  • Search and accelerator of projects and products internationally (view 5 or 10 years).
  • Search for information on the latest trends in technology and international market as an integrator of the protagonists of these trends.
  • Partnership: local, regional, national, European and international SMEs, clusters...
  • Leader of testing and innovation projects.
  • Facilitator of products and services.
  • Sale: licensing, distribution, etc.
  • Start-ups
  • Living Lab Methodology: involving different parts of the global value chain excellence with international agents anywhere in the world.

Model "Project Accelerator" Vs "Observatory"



There are new initiatives

Newly established Initiative

Responds to information needs when the economy is relatively stable and predictable

Prepared to respond to the level of magnitude of uncertainty of current competitive environment

Any cluster initiative with some development

Closer to the market and knowledge flows

Availability of "useful" information

Greater accuracy, availability and speed

Collection of information from outside

Gathering information from the very process of discovery and improvement for the business

Companies like "excuse" for generating information. company / client

Integration of business enterprises walk. Company / partner / customer as open innovation accelerator in real scenarios

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